Well, J and I are both sick.  An unusual occurrence, but I guess it’s bound to happen every now and then.theraflu

A few months back, my mom received the Theraflu Flowing Vapors Portable Vapor Fan from a friend who worked in the pharma industry.  I put it in my bedside table to use in an emergency.  Given the fact that we only had one dose of our Tylenol Allergy Nightime Medicine, the past two nights have fallen into the emergency category!

Basically, the fan works as follows:  it comes with a little pad that is scented with menthol and camphor.  Once inserted into the fan, these vapors are supposed to be released throughout the night.  Basically, the fan flow for one hour with an automatic five minutes off, and lasts eight hours.

To be honest, I was not expecting great things from this product.  It’s so small that I highly doubted the scent would fill our relatively spacious room.  I will admit, however, that I was pleasantly surprised that the vapors did in fact permeate the entire room.  The fan does make a light buzzing noise throughout the night, so if this kind of noise bothers you, I would advise you to stay away from this product.

I’m not really certain it helped me breathe or sleep any better, but to be honest, I’m pretty congested to the point where I couldn’t even smell the brownies we were baking last night.  J agrees that it didn’t help him sleep any better, but he did like the smell.  He compared it to throat lozenges, in that they are certainly not going to cure you, but it also doesn’t hurt to use them.

I can see this product becoming very expensive, as the menthol pads are only good for one use.  Hopefully, though, you’re only sick a few times a year like us and won’t need to restock very often!

Anyone else tried this out?  What did you think?