On Saturday, April 18th, J and I headed to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) to celebrate the New Jersey Ballet’s 50th Anniversary.  I’m a huge fan of ballet (blame it on my Kennedy Center days!) so I was looking forward to this event since we bought the tickets!

For those of you that haven’t been to the NJPAC, it really is a beautiful venue.  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting great things from it, given its Newark location, but the people that maintain this venue really have a lot to be proud of.  It’s a beautiful resource for NJ residents and beyond!

Carolyn Clark, the Artistic/Executive Director for the ballet gave the introductions.  And here comes my plug for the arts:  as Ms. Clark said, just because the NJ Ballet has a past doesn’t mean it has a future.  The state budget currently calls for MAJOR cuts in funding for arts organizations like the New Jersey Ballet.  I understand that times are tough, but cutting funding for organizations that provide opportunities for children and adults alike is NOT the answer.  I encourage everyone to write to their representative and implore them not to allow for this disgusting cut in funding to occur. 

Ok, I’m off the soapbox.  I get passionate about my arts funding.  The New Jersey Ballet really is an outstanding troupe.  I’ve seen some great performances, and the repertory the NJB performed was among my favorites.  They started out with some traditional pieces from their repertory, then moved on to some newer ones, my favorite of which was “Ballet with a Latin Beat”.  I didn’t think I would like this since I’m definitely more of a fan of the traditional dance, but the movement was incredible.  

One of my favorite ballets is Giselle, which the NJB is performing the weekend J and I will be away for my birthday. 😦  We got to see a snippet from the second half, and it certainly made me want to see the full length performance.  

The New Jersey Ballet performs at venues all over the state. If you haven’t seen them yet, i would encourage you to see them at some point this year.  They perform the Nutcracker every year, and I’m sure it’s a performance worth seeing.

To support the New Jersey Ballet and make sure our children’s children have the same honor of seeing them perform, visit the ballet’s Web site.