On Friday night, Jared and I tried a new restaurant based on a recommendation from The Star Ledger.  The Harvest Moon Inn is right off Route 202 in Ringoes, NJ, not too far from the PA border.  

As we were heading down Old York Road, things didn’t look promising. However, right next to a half-demolished, half-standing house was a beautiful brick house that had been transformed into The Harvest Moon Inn.  Although the hostess told J on the phone the dress was casual, we followed the Ledger’s recommendations and went business casual.  For the dining room, I definitely recommend business casual, as most of the patrons were dressed in this fashion.

The dining room sits off from the tavern and is a smallish room with tables that used an old sewing machine base as their legs.  The tavern was a more casual,louder atmosphere, with a piano player.

The wine list at the Harvest Moon Inn did not disappoint.  J was also pleased with a import beer he had, something pretty unusual for a smaller NJ restaurant.  I started with the soup of the day, a Tomato Roasted Garlic puree.  It was AWESOME.  I’m typically not a fan of tomato based soups, but this one really was a delicious blend of tomato and garlic.  J started with a salmon dish accompanied by black barley and a cranberry vinaigrette.  For an entree, I had the grilled beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and crispy onions.  I’m typically not a huge fan of red meat in that fashion, but this dish was pretty good.  I ordered it well-done, and it was a bit dry, but I would rather that than having my meat bleed all over the plate :).  J had the roasted chicken with an asparagus risotto.  Not a usual choice for him, but the chicken was well-marinated, and the risotto didn’t disappoint.

The dessert menu was larger than I expected.  I had the peanut butter brownie, which was wonderful, along with a cup of the Oregon Chai.  I’m a fan of sweeter teas, however, this tea is certainly not for fans of the traditional-style chai!  J had the hazelnut-crusted cappuccino mousse, which also seemed popular among the other diners.  

Overall, this restaurant definitely didn’t disappoint.  In my opinion, the entrees could have been more varied, however, I think it depends on the night you go and the specials they present.

Our rating:

J:  8/10

V:  7/10

The Harvest Moon Inn
1039 Old York Road
Ringoes, NJ 

P.S.: The Web site is really terrible for this restaurant, but don’t let it turn you off to the actual quality of the food and presentation!