Well, the folks at Kraft/Nabisco have done it again.  J first found these in the store and promptly decided to bring the Golden Oreo-flavored version home.  I’m always skeptical of funstixproducts like this for one reason:  they’re usually very, very delicious, but extremely bad for you.  For instance, the Oreo Cakesters, the last Oreo-themed dessert we both loved, was just teeming with fat and calories, so we stopped buying them.

The Oreo Fun Stix are 90 calories of tubed Oreo goodness.  The commercial features a little kid using the tube as a straw, however, for someone that doesn’t even like milk in their cereal, that wasn’t happening for me.  😉  I prefer to eat them straight up!  The flavor tastes just like an Oreo, only in rolled form, adding a different layer of texture and size that makes you feel like you’re eating about 3 or 4 oreos for the price of one.  My usual complaint with lower calorie options is that they take out most of the flavor in order to save on calories.  This really is not the case with these:  unlike the 100-calorie pack oreos that are flat and dry, these maintain a great texture and flavor.  As mentioned, they come in the Golden and Traditional Oreo flavor, which is good for us since J is not a huge chocolate fan and I am!

My only complaint about this:  they are messy as anything!  It’s definitely not a snack you can walk around the house with, as they tend to crumble very easily, leaving pieces all over the place.  Otherwise, for a 90 calorie snack, you really can’t go wrong!