I’ve been meaning to write about this since we visited the Trap Rock Restaurant on Tuesday, but my work travel schedule got the best of me!

J found the Trap Rock when he was taking a look at one of his favorite sites that lists all the restaurants that brew their own beers.  Located in Berkeley Heights, the Trap Rock is a pretty fancy version of a brew pub.  Parking was an issue, even on a Tuesday night, but they do post signs listing other options for those not as fortunate as us to snag the last parking lot spot!

J got the beer sampler, his usual at a brewery, and felt that the variety and quality/flavor of the beer was very high.  He took home a growler of the Red Lager and has since been enjoying it quickly in an effort to add it to his growler collection.  I’m not as much a beer afficianado as J is, but their beer was definitely full of flavor and high in quality.

From a food perspective, this is another one of those restaurants where I would have liked to see more variety.  I’m not a huge seafood fan, and a lot of the dishes came with some sort of fish component that turned me off to them.  Although, I will say, their bread basket was a definite perk.  They had the usual bread along with soft pretzel sticks and cornbread.  I appreciate nice touches like that!

We shared the Moraccan Spiced Beef Kabobs as an appetizer, which came on skewers along with tomatoes, peppers, and onions, served over a bed of greens.  The flavor of the meat was excellent!  We’re big fans of kabobs, especially ones where the beef is marinated to include a lot of different flavors.  Very good.

I’m revisiting the menu to see what I had, and am drawing a complete blank, lol.  I had some sort of pork dish with mashed potatoes.  The pork was fatty, but otherwise pretty good.  J had the gnocchi with shrimp.  The gnocchi and shrimp were both well-sized, however, I wasn’t a huge fan of the tomato sauce the dish came in.  I’m more of a cream-sauce based person if I even use it, and this sauce was just too strong on the tomato for me!

I do have to give high reviews to the dessert menu.  I am biased here, however, because they happened to have my favorite dessert wine (Pacific Rin Reisling) which always puts a restaurant at the top for me.  We shared the cookie plate and a chocolate mousse cake.  The cookie plate has small, bite sized cookies in the following flavors:  red velvet, chocolate chip, a biscotti, double chocolate, and another shortbread with fruit cookie.  Definitely recommend the red velvet, it was like a mini cupcake!  The chocolate mousse cake was not quite what we were expecting.  It was served hot and was more like a hot devil’s food cake than anything else.

Overall, I would have liked to see some different options on the entree menu.  Otherwise, this restaurant was a big hit in the beverage department!  As a note, it was a little more upscale than most brewery-type restaurants we’ve been to, so dress neat.

Our rating:

J:  7/10

V:  6/10

Trap Rock Restaurant
279 Springfield Ave.
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

P.S.  This restaurant is part of a larger group of restaurants under the Harvest Restaurant Group.  We haven’t been to any of them, but I’ve heard 3West is very good!