In lieu of a full-blown wedding Web site, we’ll be putting information about our wedding right here on Adventure Ales and Trails.  The information we want you to know, anyway.  😉  So, here is a wrap-up of some of our vendors and details to date!

May 22, 2010
11:30 ceremony
12-1 Cocktails
1-5 Reception

This was a tough choice!  We happen to be blessed to live in an area with a lot of options.  They were all very beautiful, and we met some wonderful wedding coordinators.  However, our decision came down to the fact that we wanted the ceremony and reception in the same venue, but in separate rooms.  One of my stipulations that I refused to budge on was not wanting to get married outside.  Those of you that know me know that I worry about everything anyway-why spend the next year worrying about the weather?

For this reason, we chose The Madison Hotel in Morristown.  The Madison Hotel allows us to hold our ceremony in The Conservatory and our reception in the Grand Ballroom.  We really could not get past the natural beauty of the conservatory.  Even if it rains, how cool will it be to hear the rain on the ceiling?  The rooms at the hotel were also much nicer than I expected!  And the lobby will allow for some very classy pictures!

Since we decided to do a ceremony void of any religious symbolism, the officiant was important to me.  I didn’t want a ceremony that lasted only 15 minutes and was deeply impersonal.  After doing some searching, I came across Rev. John Graf, Jr., who actually happened to be the officiant on record at The Madison.  We met with Reverand Graf and just LOVED his personality and the personal elements he brought to our planning.  I’m really looking forward to planning more with him in these upcoming months!

String Trio
Since we’re not getting married in a church with an organ, I wanted our ceremony music to be special.  We looked at a number of string trios, and found The Rose Trio on  Very friendly manager and very professional services.  They will play a half hour before our ceremony and will also play at the cocktail hour.  Classy!

This was a tough choice.  Jared and I both love music, however, we’re not into embarassing DJ’s that start calling people out on the floor to make a spectacle of them.  We came across Primetime Entertainers, and were impressed with both their pricing as well as their ability to work with us to create the perfect atmosphere.

Currently, we’re interviewing photographers-another tough choice!  We’ll keep you posted.  🙂

Happy Friday!