I receive a lot of emails from the various bridal sites I’m registered on.  As most of you can tell by now, there are things I care about when it comes to weddings and things I think are absolutely silly and archaic.  I’m not trying to offend anyone who is into this stuff.  After all, everyone gets their own chance to plan their day.  So, without meaning to insult anyone, here are some ideas I saw recently that made me laugh out loud.

1.)  Photobooth. For those of you not familiar with the lingo (and I can assure I was not), apparently a photo booth is something very similar to what you would see at the beach where your guests pose and get a strip of their photos from the machine.  I love these things at the beach.  But at a wedding?  Why would I want this?  The kicker was the following line:  “Have large figures of you and your groom created for your guests to pose with.”  Just what I need.  All my friends and family posing with fake cardboard cut-outs of Jared and I.  I can’t think of anything more perfect.

2.)  Mother of the Bride Dresses. My mom is extremely important to me.  She’s supported me through everything I’ve gone through, and is the best person to go through wedding planning with since she truly lets me decide what I want without inserting her own opinion.  Obviously I want her to have a special dress to wear.  But why so formal and fussy?  My mom will look great in whatever she wears, and truthfully I could care less if her color coordinates with my theme or not.  She’s my mom, and she’s awesome no matter what she wears, whether its my colors or not!!

Once again, I’m not trying to offend anyone who truly does care about these things.  There are doubtless things I care about that you do not.  I’m just having a little fun.  🙂