I’m a huge fan of coupons.  In fact, Jared and I started subscribing to The Star Ledger so I could get my Sunday coupons.  (And because we enjoy reading the Sunday paper!  Really!)  In fact, I believe it would be safe to say that manufacturers make coupons with people like me in mind.  While I am brand loyal on a few accounts, I am more likely to buy something if I have a coupon for it.  Hence my purchase of SOYJOY Peanut Chocolate Chip bars.

SOYJOY Nutrition Bars

SOYJOY Nutrition Bars

My coupon was a BOGO for these nutrition bars.  The other flavors did not look as appealing to me (mostly fruit-flavored) so I bought two Peanut Chocolate Chip.  The whole benefit of SOYJOY is supposed to be the fact that the all natural ingredients are converted into energy your body uses throughout the day, instead of just crashing at 3 p.m., for instance.  I’m always looking for snacks that will keep me full until dinner time without adding too many calories to the plate, so this one seemed perfect.

The first bar I tried, I was in the car heading to a client meeting and knew if I didn’t eat before our 1.5 hour session, my stomach would take the reigns of the meeting instead of my brain.  I was excited to try the SOYJOY Peanut Chocolate Chip bar, but have to admit I was sorely dissapointed when I bit into it.  To be fair, I’m used to very moist and chewy granola bars, and this was certainly not moist or chewy.  I could taste the peanuts, but not so much the chocolate chips.  In fact, the chocolate chips tasted more like raisins to me than the chocolate I was hoping to eat to satisfy my always nagging sweet tooth.  I discovered that the raisin I was tasting was indeed raisin, but where were the chocolate chips?

From an energy perspective, I’m not really sure how effective the bar was.  However, I have no real way of determining that in a true test enviroment!

At 140 calories, this bar technically makes for a great afternoon snack.  However, in my opinion, there are tastier 150-calorie (or less) snacks that are much more satisfying for me!  Also, the price of the bars is much more than I would pay for anything on a regular basis!  While the commercials and coupons are attractive, the bar did not live up to my expectations for a nutrition bar!