Loosing weight is a constant battle in my life.  For some reason, I can never get myself on a schedule where every day of the week I’m eating right and exercising.  Part of it is my fault for not doing more to manage my schedule so I can work out every night.  But I also have to be honest that it’s extremely unmotivating to gain and lose the same 5 pounds month after month.  You would think the idea of squeezing my buns into a wedding dress and taking millions of pictures would be motivation enough, but even that doesn’t hold up in the face of dining out and baking!

I’ve tried a lot of methods to track my progress:  I’ve been a member of Livestrong for awhile now, however, it’s something I have a hard time keeping up with on weekends when I’m not sitting in front of my computer all day! I downloaded their iPhone App, but at the time, it wasn’t synched with my online profile, which didn’t help.  A few years ago, I joined Body By Glamour, a free weight loss tracking system sponsored by Glamour Magazine.  I’m an avid reader of the magazine and am always impressed with their fitness and health tips.  When I completed the program for the first time a few years back, I even won a free workout DVD and ab ball!  Oh, and I managed to lose some weight, too.

So, I have enrolled again on Body By Glamour to see if I can stay motivated enough to manage to lose a few pounds before our wedding day, and to manage my weight overall.  I was happy to see some new features on the site to enhance user experience.  The interface was a lot more advanced, and even features some food options saved in the database, similar to Livestrong.  While the list of saved foods is not that long, I’m able to enter my own information by consulting Livestrong, ensuring I’m tracking calories properly.  Additionally, I like the Progress feature that shows if you hit your calorie “range” for the day.  I feel as if the range is much easier to use rather than seeing that hard number every day with no wiggle room.

Another great feature of Body By Glamour are the customized strength routines.  My main problem with a lot of weight routines is that they require fancy gym equipment or machines.  Seeing as I work out at my own home gym with free weights and a stability ball, those routines never last long with me.  The routines designed by Body By Glamour are challenging, but not to the point where I can’t do them at all.  And trust me, I can certainly feel it the next day!!  (Inner thighs are experiencing a beat down, currently!!)

While I’m sure I’ll continue to make mistakes (eating out on weekends is my biggest one so far!) I’m hopeful that using Body By Glamour again will help me keep things on track until our big day and beyond!  I would recommend the program to anyone looking to make some changes without the pressure of paying for an online program or having to eat frozen foods for the rest of your life!

Anyone else have any tried and true methods for weightloss and excersise?