Happy Friday!  As a tribute to all of the wedding web sites I’ve been visiting to help me with my planning, every Friday I’ll be reviewing some of the 5 most helpful features on each site.  I decided I would start at the top!

Even before I got engaged, I knew TheKnot.com was a go-to resource for all things wedding! From free planning tools to pictures and articles, TheKnot.com should really be every girls first stop once she gets engaged!

Some of my most-used features are:

1.)  The Checklist

This is a feature that a lot of planning sites have.  I looked into a few, but I couldn’t beat the simplicity of The Knot’s checklist.  Once you log in and click on the Check button at the top, you will see your to-dos for that month, and only that month.  Wedding planning can be overwhelming, so only seeing the most pressing items is definitely a stress reliever for me.  However, you can also click through to see all the items still on your list if you’re working ahead.  I love checking things off!

2.)  My Notebook

I bounce around to a lot of sites during the day.  Whether I’m searching for vendors or researching hairstyles, I am always in need of a repository to keep all the great things I’m finding.  The Notebook feature on The Knot lets you save articles, pictures, vendors and other resources right on the site so there is no digging around later.  Of course, you have to have found all of these items on The Knot to begin with in order to save them, but with the wealth of resources available, that’s really not a problem.  Great way to store all the awesome ideas I’m seeing for hairstyles!

3.)  Article Library

Every wedding Web site has them:  mountains of articles related to every detail you can possibly imagine, and even those you didn’t know you needed to imagine!  The articles on The Knot are succint and easy to read, yet also very informative.  Besides being able to save them to my Notebook, I love the email function:  perfect way to send my sister a list of MOH duties!

4.)  Wedding Shop

This was a feature I just started exploring the other day.  I’m not really a fan of online wedding stores, as I typically find their items excessive.  I had been receiving emails from The Knot about their store that were annoying me, until I went to check it out.  Even though I likely won’t buy anything from it, it did give me some ideas regarding bridesmaids gifts and other special items to purchase.  Worth a look, if only for brainstorming!

5.)  Dress Search

When I first got engaged, after looking at my first bridal magazine I was dead set on wanting an Alfred Angelo gown.  However,  I decided to play with the dress search on The Knot just for fun.  Now, I’ll be visiting 4 stores for my search!  The ability to pick and choose what you like and find vendors right on the same page is awesome and helpful.  Just what I needed to branch out!

Any other features people use frequently on The Knot?  What are your favorites?