This past weekend I headed to the Philadelphia area for a much needed girls weekend with my college ladies.  Always a good time!  On Saturday, we headed into one of Philadelphia’s wine bars on 18th and Sansom:  Tria.

I’m a newly converted wine fan.  I never used to enjoy drinking wine, until I found that there were some that really did suit my taste!  Great discovery.  I know there are a lot of people who don’t like wine, but I really would recommend trying a few different types before you write it off for good!  Anyway, back to Tria.

Though small, Tria is the perfect atmosphere for a wine bar.  When we arrived, we were told we would have to wait 20 minutes for a table, so we proceeded to the bar!  The wine list is extensive, and in situations like that, I tend to ask the bartenders for recommendations based on what I like.  (Rose, blush wines…)  The bartender recommended a wine they had nicknamed “Pink Floyd”.  It was perfect based on what I had told him!

Five minutes later, our table was ready!  The food list was pretty long, and it took us awhile to narrow down our choices!  I chose:

  • Carmelized Onion with Feta Bruschetta
  • Sliced Italian Meats with Red Pepper, Caper Berries and Spicy Garlic Oil

As a note, the bruschetta comes in pairs.  So, the order I got was a portion appropriate for me.  The sliced meats tray was good, and larger, so we were able to share that.  These plates were fantastic, and I would certainly recommend them to everyone!

To be honest, we were still hungry after round one.  So, next I ordered:

  • Dessert wine
  • Cashel Blue Cheese

The dessert wine was a recommendation from the waiter.  Dessert wine is one of my favorite things in the world, so a wine bar with a great dessert wine menu will always win in my book!  The cheese was listed under the “racy” category, and was honestly not my style, but we still ate it.  It came with some kind of chocolate sauce on the side, and that ended up bringing out the flavors of the cheese.

Overall, this was a great pit stop on our way to party in the city.  There are SO many great clubs in the same area, so make sure you hop in for a pre-game snack next time you’re in the area!

My rating:  10/10

Rittenhouse Square
18th & Sansom Streets
Philadelphia, PA