I hate wasting food.  Absolutely hate it.  I know I should hate it because there are starving people around the world, but I mostly hate it due to the fact that we spend a lot of money on food, and I hate seeing that go to waste.

The food group that we end up tossing the most:  vegetables.  Neither Jared or myself are huge vegetable fans.  We try, but we typically just aren’t interested in incorporating them into every meal.  With that said, we’re huge fans of trying out new recipes, and typically these recipes call for a number of vegetables.  However, the recipes typically only call for a smaller portion of the vegetable than we have to buy.  We always save them for a time, and then end up putting them in the compost pile.  Yesterday, however, we had a simple, yet helpful revelation:  pasta.

Who doesn’t love pasta?  A big bowl of carbs is always a happy ending to the day.  In the past, we’ve boiled pasta, and tossed it in a skillet with olive oil and garlic.  Yesterday, in order to use our vegetables, we decided to sautee some spinach with garlic and throw in some green peppers and onions. It added some color to the dish as well as some great flavors AND it helped use up our vegetable supply.

Did I mention vegetables like spinach are also healthy?  Added bonus!

Simple suggestion, but one that I was super excited about yesterday 🙂

Any other suggestions to use vegetables in everyday cooking?