Our saga continues in the beautiful town of Newton, where I grew up.  For those of you who have had the pleasure of driving through Spring Street in Newton, you undoubtedly have noticed Chrissy O’ Designs.  You really can’t miss the pink awnings!  When I was little and used to walk to Spring Street with my parents or grandparents (back in its heyday) my sister and I would always ooh and ahh over the dresses found in the window.

Spring Street has really taken a beating over the past few years, as all small town Main Streets have in the wake of WalMart.  When I first started thinking about appointments, I almost did not put Chrissy O’s on the list.  However, after some reasearch, I found that they had the Maggie Sottero line of dresses as well as Alfred Angelo.  So, on Friday at 2 p.m., my mom, grandma and I descended onto beautiful Spring Street.  🙂

Of all the dress stores that we visited, the atmosphere of Chrissy O’s was by far the best.  Kathleen took us back to a showroom with TONS of dresses and showed me into a little canopy room that was to be the changing room.  It was a large dome-type structure with a few mirrors, a couch, and plenty of room.  I wish I could do the room justice, as it really was very beautiful and set the right tone, but I can’t do it justice at all!  It really made me feel as if I was a true princess in waiting!

Kathleen showed me where the dresses were and told me to pick out as many as I wanted to try on.  This was a bit overwhelming for me.  I kind of liked having someone bring me dresses they thought would work for me.  But, I was able to pick out a few that caught my eye.  Kathleen offered to let me put them on myself, and then she would come in, but I’m not really that modest.  I wanted help!  She was very easy to talk to and I felt completely comfortable with her helping me out.

Maggie Sottero’s style was a lot different from the Mon Cheri dresses I had tried on the day before.  The lace-up backs and corset style were very flattering (though time-consuming to put on!).  Once again, we were having trouble picking ones we really liked!  We were able to take pictures in the store, and were starting, yet again, to fall in love with everything.

There were a few we were able to rule out right off the bat.  I had my eye on an Alfred Angelo halter-style dress I had seen in various magazines.  While I enjoy halter tops during the summer for my regular clothing, the wedding dresses with this style top were not flattering at all.  They made me look very un-feminine.  I also tried on a few styles with a dropped waist, and found that those made me look short and stocky, hehe.  Easy to rule out!

There was one Maggie Sottero dress that I absolutely fell in love with.  It had, once again, a detailed bodice, and the skirt was an organza overlay that lay really nicely on top of the satin. The dress moved with me, and, in the mirror looked really great.  There was another dress I tried on that was fancy on the top and bottom, but plain in between that I really loved.  Although you could see the corset through the fabric, the pictures of the dress on me were very flattering.

When we left Chrissy O’s, I had, yet again, a lot to think about.  The one dress with the beautiful flowy fabric seemed perfect.  However, the pictures of me in the dress were not very flattering.  I know I shouldn’t have been letting this take too much weight, but let’s face it:  the photographers are going to take almost 1,000 pictures-I darn well better like how I look on camera, since those will be the only things that last!!  My sister came into town, and Kathleen let us come back so she could see the dress which was really sweet.  However, I just had that nagging feeling in my mind that something wasn’t quite right about it.

Going into the dress shopping, I was positive that Alfred Angelo was going to be the designer I chose.  On Friday night, I wasn’t sure at all that I should even go to Alfred Angelo.  However, my mom and sister convinced me to keep that appointment, so I went to bed that night trying to picture myself in the dresses from that day.  Kathleen had said whatever dress you dream about yourself wearing is the one….

I would recommend Chrissy O’s to anyone in the Sussex County area looking for a lovely bridal gown experience.  Thanks so much to Kathleen for her help and understanding.

Did we return to Chrissy O’s for the dress that moved with me?  Find out tomorrow in our final installment!!  🙂