Happy Friday to all!  As with every Friday, it’s time to feature another site that I read every now and then to get some different wedding ideas.  Since we’ve moved past the full wedding planning sites and into the blog-o-sphere, the structure of these posts will be a bit different!

Real Life Wedding Planning at first seemed to me a bit too focused on celebrity weddings.  Sorry, Kara DioGuardi, but my budget doesn’t really allow me to give my guests personally insribed iPods with music selections made by my business partner.  However, the more I read, the more I kind of like the style of this site.  Even though most of us will never have the budget for some of these things, here are a few tips from the posts I liked:

  • Kara DioGuardi’s wedding included moments of remembrances for her late mother and her groom’s late sister-definitely something Jared and I will be incorporating to honor our grandparents we were close to
  • For a black and white wedding theme, they suggest decorating strawberries to look like they are wearing tuxedos-nice!
  • Kendra Wilkinson’s outdoor wedding included a white aisle runner that led to an arch decorated with roses and hydrangeas-the arch and aisle runner are definitely something Jared and I plan to incorporate into our wedding.  Though it’s indoors, it dresses up the room a bit more!
  • If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, provide water or lemonade for when guests arrive-it can get hot out there!
  • If you’re a bride, make sure you EAT before the ceremony!  This is a big one for me, given that I tend to not feel so hot if I don’t eat.  Waiting until 1 p.m. or later is not an option.  Eating breakfast will not cause you to not fit in your dress 🙂

Make sure you visit Real Life Wedding Planning to get some interesting tips of your own!  It looks a little spammy and keyword stuffed, but it’s easy to read and I love learning from other brides!