Time for another Features Friday!  This week, I came across a site called Offbeat Bride.  The blogger, Ariel, wrote a book called “Offbeat Bride:  Taffeta-Free Alternative for Independent Brides” that I saw in a magazine once.  Although I wouldn’t say I consider myself to be totally offbeat, I do appreciate a lot of the unique alternatives and advice.  With that said, here are some of my favorite posts so far:

Dancing Down the Aisle: Already featured this, but it deserves a second go.  While I would never consider doing this myself (after all, it is a ceremony, not a theatre production) I still admire these people for their bold attack!

Awesome Wedding Readings:  Jared and I have chosen to have readers at our ceremony to add some length and personal feeling to it.  Since we’re having a non-religious ceremony, we wanted to add something that was important to us.  However, we also didn’t want a reading that you heard at every wedding.  I’ve been looking around for some time, trying to find appropriate readings, and was really struggling.  Found some great ideas in this post!

Authenticity vs. attention:  As you’ve guessed from reading my blog, the one thing I struggle with the most in wedding planning is speaking up about what I want.  As a self-professed people pleaser, I’m more likely to do the things I think people want me to do rather than do what I want.  One line of this post really stuck out to me:  “On a certain level, when you’re attention-seeking, you’re handing over your happiness to other people — because that thing that you’re doing? It only really matters if someone else is looking and (hopefully) approving.”

How true is that?  Why should I be so concerned about making other people happy when this is my day?  They’ll have their own days, and on their own days, they can choose to pursue authenticity or attention.  As Ariel writes, “the pursuit of authenticity is thinking to yourself five years after the wedding, ‘I’m still living out my vows in this commitment … every single day'” rather thant hinking the day after the wedding, “OMG PEOPLE SAID OUR WEDDING WAS THE MOST AWESOME WEDDING EVAR!!!” and then realizing (I) can barely remember the day because (I was) so worked up”.

Hard Conversations: No need to go into great detail here.  All I’ll say is, I was happy to see that other people went through this.  A lot of people give me flack for the fact taht my brother will be escorting me down the aisle, and it’s always nice to read that people outside my bubble struggle with these issues too.

Happy reading!