Happy Monday!  Figured we needed to talk food for awhile to get everyone in the mood for a great week.  And what better way to kick it off than by talking about Mexican food!

I spent some time in Mexico when I was in college, and the thing I miss most, besides the people I met, is most certainly the food!  At the time, I would have considered myself a picky eater, but after being presented with so many options that looked amazing, I quickly let go of those qualms.  However, upon coming back, the question remained:  where in NJ can you get some great Mexican food??

Enter Sol Mexican Cafe, a new build on Route 22 in Somerville.  Jared and I have been salivating over the sign for a month or so, and after one bad day last week, we finally decided to try it!  Every time we drive by, it looks relatively crowded, so we decided to go around 6 p.m. and that seemed like the perfect time for a Thursday.

Inside, the restaurant is small, but very festive looking.  Even though there were a lot of people (and kids!!), it still managed to maintain a certain sense of quiet that made talking easy.  After spending some time with the fabulous drink menu, Jared decided to go for a Magic Hat brew and I went for the sinful pomegranate margarita.  Always a favorite!  It was served on the rocks, which is fine with me, but for those that prefer the blended kind, speak up!

Anytime we go for Mexican, we have to try the guacamole.  This one did not dissapoint. It was made tableside so you could specify mild, spicy, or atomic.  We chose mild and left out the tomatoes (Jared’s preference!).  Although it was a bit heavy on the salt, it was still great, and a decent amount for two people.

My one complaint was that our meal came out almost immediately after the guacamole was prepared.  I’m very used to having some time in between courses, and I’m not a fan of feeling rushed, but since they were so busy, I guess it was a good thing.  I had the “Mexican Lasagna” which was a delicious tortilla and chicken layering covered with a great cheese sauce.  It came with a side of rice and beans that was too much to eat, but still welcome.  The portion size was pretty decent for the lasagna, not too big and not too small.  I’m sure the delicious cheese sauce was super healthy, too.  😉

Time for dessert!  Any time we go to a Mexican restaurant, I keep my ears open for those little two words I love “tres leches”.  I had homemade tres leches in Mexico, and ever since then have been attempting to find something just as good here.  Sol ruined it for me by adding fruit, which I never appreciate in desserts, so I had to settle for the carmel flan.  This is another dish that’s hit or miss with me after having homemade flan in Mexico, but this dish lives up to my expectations.

Overall, Sol Mexican Cafe is a place I would return to again and again!  They recently opened their Tiki Bar, so that’s definitely worth a shot at some point.

My rating:  10/10

Sol Mexican Cafe
3366 US Highway 22
Somerville, NJ 08876

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