My mom is a new convert to all things Martha Stewart.  In the grocery store lines, she’s been known to flip through a copy of Martha’s wedding magazine.  This is honestly a magazine I’ve avoided buying in the past, but after taking a look at her Web site, I might have to reconsider.

Martha is the queen of all things beautiful!  Her Weddings Web site is no exception.  I first came across the Bride’s Guide Blog, which is run by the editors of her magazine.  The blog is a great collection of posts and photos in a variety of categories.  The thing I love most about it is the fact that it’s not outwardly promotional, something I really loathe on wedding blogs!  

Regarding Martha’s wedding web site, it’s definitely the most visually pleasing out of all the sites I’ve been to.  She has all the proper planning tools you would expect on a site.  While I won’t be registering myself to use the tools (I’m a one-stop shop kind of gal) I would definitely be interested to hear from anyone currently using them how they stack up to other sites.  

So, whether you are planning or just browsing for ideas, check out the site and magazine!