Time for another look at a wedding Web site!  Given the fact that I live in New Jersey and wouldn’t think of getting married anywhere else, you would think I would have picked up New Jersey Bride magazine a long time ago.  For some reason, I ignored it and only stumbled across the site the other day.  As previously mentioned, the one thing I hate the most about wedding magazines are the lack of articles and the abundance of advertisements.  While the advertisements in New Jersey Bride would have been more relevant for me, I decided to just stick with the Web site for this one. Since we’ve already picked all our vendors, I really am just looking to read articles for additional ideas.

The layout of New Jersey Bride is actually very appealing to me.  A lot of times, I’m overwhelmed by the information found on bridal Web sites.  This site is a lot smaller and does a great job of breaking down information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the confused bride!  The majority of the advice is layed out in blog format, making it much easier to digest and locate.  Some of my favorite articles.sections:

A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Bachelorette Parties:  For me, the bachelorette party is an interesting tradition.  While I’m excited to spend a night on the town with my girlfriends, I really have no interest in attracting that much attention to the fact that I’m about to be married.  Yes, this does mean I don’t want to wear any type of item that has male parts hanging all over it.  While I’m all for custom t-shirts, I want a party that’s classy, not trashy.  Anytime I mention that, people always assume I just don’t know what I want.   This editor had some great ideas that helped me realize it’s ok to not want to be falling around drunk on my last “hurrah”.

Don’t Forget the Place Card Table:  Some really fun DIY suggestions on how to make a great first impression.  LOVE the wine cork idea!

Editors Picks:  A quick run-down of images and ideas that the editors of New Jersey Bride love.  Love the cake and “hot shorts”!

While there are definitely less opportunities for interaction on this site, I still like the shorter articles.  It’s basically a condensed version of the larger wedding sites, making it a quick and easy reference.

Happy planning!