Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom and sister and came across a cute dress at a store that shall remain nameless for the purposes of this post.  I rifled through the racks looking for my size and found the following in the size space of all the dresses:


I bet it does, I mumbled under my breath.  But, I took it into the dressing room with me for a good laugh.  While I will admit that the dress did not fit horribly, one size certainly does not fit all.

Tags like that should come with the following disclaimer:


You have hips

You have thighs

You have boobs

You have a butt

Your stomach does not look like a celebrity’s

You ate within the last month

What really makes companies think it’s ok to manufacture clothing that supposedly fits all body types?  Those of us that may not fit the American standard of beauty have a hard enough time finding clothes that fit.  Why make it even harder by pointing out to us that no, we don’t fit into the category of “all women” that can wear these types of clothes.

Attention clothing manufacturers:  You’ll sell more clothes if you make them appealing for different body types.  The fact that there were so many of your “One Size Fits All” dresses left on the racks tells me that no one can wear a dress like that.  Save that label for scarves and mittens.

I have a LOT of opinions about body image.  Stay tuned.  Reading Good In Bed has made me realize it’s time to get honest about how women feel about their bodies.