I actually came across this site a long time ago when I was doing some research for a client, but it fell off my radar until I was combing the blogging world yesterday.  Get Married is actually a show on Lifetime as well, that I personally have never seen.  No offense to the show, I just literally have no interest in wedding television.  🙂  The Web site claims to be the only multi-channel wedding planning resource and, in addition to the Web and TV, is launching a magazine in October, which I promptly signed up to receive a free copy of.  You know how I feel about magazines….

So, how does the only multi-channel wedding planning resource stack up?  Pretty well, I have to say. While the wedding tools are very similar to what you’d find on the more popular sites like The Knot and Brides Magazine, I was able to pull some value out of this site that I don’t find with the others.  Some highlights for me are:

The Wedding Shop. I have not really been a true fan of these features on some of the other sites I’m on.  To be honest, I find some of the product listings to be pretty short and not very versatile.  I really enjoyed browsing the bridal party gifts and bridal shower favors section of this site. I even passed some links on to my mom and sister!  Even if we don’t buy anything from here, I felt like the ideas were more varied than some that I’ve seen before.

Blogger Brides. Although this could be considered information overload, I like the idea of this sort of community.  The community bloggers gives you a wider perspective on all things wedding related, rather than the opinion of one person that could potentially be influenced by vendor partnerships and larger budgets than most of us can blink an eye at.  The forums are laid out much easier than The Knot’s, and the overall layout just makes the community more inviting and less intimidating.

Inspiration Galleries. As mentioned, now that we have a lot of our vendor information figured out, I’m way more interested in the advice and detailed decor information found on these sites.  Although it’s tough to get to without narrowing down exactly what you want, I always find the pictures from “real weddings” to be a great source of ideas and inspiration.  I’m a big fan of the way the photos load, too. Instead of taking you to a new page, they basically pop up on the page you’re currently on.  My biggest gripe with TheKnot is navigation, so I like this feature of Get Married.  Some of the galleries don’t feature a ton of images, but I’ll take what I can get.

From a layout perspective, I’m much more into the easy navigation and quick load time of this site.  However, when it comes to finding articles instead of blog posts, Get Married has some serious Web site structural issues that make finding the articles a bit difficult.  Unfortunately, once I found them, they were not even that insightful.  Furthermore, this site is very ad-heavy and the local vendor resources are not as robust as some of the other sites have been.

Overall, this is a great site to browse.  Not sure I would use it for much else, but it certainly kept me occupied for a few hours!

Happy shopping, brides!