Just wanted to share my excitement over an event I’m participating in as a blogger!  I found information on Twitter about Atria Books and Epicurious’ “Great American Taste Test” and  received an “America’s Most Wanted Recipes” cookbook yesterday so that Adventure Ales and Trails can be part of this!

As the contest notes, I will be choosing a recipe from the cookbook and recruiting Jared (along with any other local, willing friends :)) to join me in eating the dish I choose at the restaurant where it originated.  Then, I myself will make the dish using the America’s Most Wanted Recipes cookbook.  My taste testers will compare, and I will be sharing the results on September 14th via a blog post!

I’m super excited to be able to participate in this contest.  Being an Internet Marketer myself, I’m used to seeing contests like this circulate among the blogging networks, but have never had the chance to participate in one myself.  Keep them coming, I love doing stuff like this!

Stay tuned for our taste test results!