If you’ve ever taken the NJ Transit through Bernardsville, you may have seen The Station Pub & Grub through your little train window.  Jared and I have driven by it a few times, and started to become interested in it in the summer, when we saw how crowded the outside patio was.  So, we decided to make it a local night after the book sale in Bernardsville and try The Station for ourselves.

I have to admit, my first impression was not positive.  I had read that the indoor dining room was noisy due to the fact that there was nothing separating it from the bar, and this was definitely the case when we arrived.  We practically had to shout to hear one another.  Our waitress was NOT knowledgeable about the beer list and could barely tell us what was available.  She also didn’t understand what I meant by “White Zin” and then carded me almost immediately before she even wrote down what I wanted.  I may not look 25, but at least I understand that names of wines!!   I ordered the Proccuito Wrapped Chicken and hoped for the best.

In the area of food, The Station did not dissapoint.  The chicken was fantastic, and the port wine sauce was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Sometimes, I find chicken sauces are a bit too runny, but this was thick in the best way possible.  The roasted potatoes were a nice treat too, and something I don’t see very often as a dinner option.  Jared got the classic pizza with onion, which tasted a lot like onion soup in the best way possible!

For dessert, I had the chocolate cake, which was pretty good, but had clearly spent a lot of time in a fridge or freezer, as it was a bit cold in the middle.  Jared had the coconut carrot cake, which he liked, but he said he could tell it was likely from a box and not homemade.  The dessert selection in general was pretty decent, with two different kinds of cheesecake and carrot cake and a tiramisu as well.  And who can resist the dessert tray??

Overall, I’m not sure how often I would return to The Station, but I do have to admit, that chicken is definitely something I could see myself eating again and again!

My rating:  7/10

The Station Pub & Grub
45 Mine Brook Rd.
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

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