In light of the release of Jennifer Weiner‘s latest book, “Best Friends Forever”, my mom and sister and myself have really been ramping up on our book-swapping and buying of all things Jennifer Weiner!  Previously, I had read “In her Shoes” as well as “The Guy Not Taken” and found myself identifying with a lot of themes Ms. Weiner covers.  So far, “Good in Bed” has been my favorite!  (But I’m not done yet with all of her stories!)

Personally, I appreciate stories where I feel as if I can identify with the character over at least one facet of their life.  For instance, if I’m reading a book about motherhood, I need to find another area to connect with the character.  I found a true connection in Cannie Shapiro.  From her struggles with her weight to her deep-rooted issues with her father to her boyfriend troubles to her job, I think at least every woman can read this book and think, “Yup, I’ve been there!”

I have to admit there were a few things that surprised me about “Good in Bed.”  I remember seeing the book on shelves several times before I was familiar with Jennifer Weiner and thinking that it would be a great guilty pleasure beach read without too much depth.  I really can’t tell you how wrong I was about that.  Admittedly, it was the title that threw me off, but the moment you read the first page, it’s very obvious that this is not a simple story line.  There were a few moments in the book where I found myself wishing that what was happening wasn’t happening.

“Good in Bed” is not your typical predictable story.  I’m not a huge fan of books that have obvious outcomes, and Ms. Weiner didn’t dissapoint in that regard.  There were a lot of moments when I thought I had guessed what was about to happen, and I was pleasantly surprised to be corrected on the next page!  Furthermore, Ms. Weiner’s way with words really touched me during certain moments of the book, particular when Cannie would write about her relationship with her father.  Powerful stuff for all of us that have struggled with similar issues!

If you like to “try before you buy”, you can preview the first chapter of “Good in Bed” on Jennifer Weiner’s Web site.  For those that have read the book, any thoughts?