Happy Friday!  It’s been a rough week, and when things get tough, I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally long for simplicity.  In weddings, simplicity is, to me, doing the things that you want that fit your budget, whether people agree with you or not.

I’ve written about A Practical Wedding before, and now it’s time to feature this site in the fashion it deserves!  Hands down, this is the best wedding blog out there.  Meg writes about brides that do creatively, sanely and within their budget.  As her post yesterday said, she appreciates the thriftiness about these weddings, but also, the joy that each wedding radiates.  I agree with her that that is MUCH more important than keeping everything color coordinated!

Here are some great quotes from some of my favorite posts.  Read away, and remember, the purpose of a wedding is to celebrate the love you and your groom have, not ANYTHING or ANYONE else!!

Julie & Guy’s Handmade Canadian Wedding: “I kept reminding myself that it was just a party, and that my marriage was a heck of a lot more important than any one party, any one dress, or any one cake. I was excited to marry the man I love and focus on building a meaningful life together, and a lot less interested in table linens, guest books, butterfly/dove/unicorn releases and all that fuss.'”

Real Wedding:  {cypress and oak}: “We sat down together, decided what was most important to us (being absolutely surrounded by loved ones, creating a sense of inclusion for our families, even the bits that were estranged from each other due to divorce) and what was least important to us (having flowers flown in from the far side of the moon, a bedazzled dress), and made plans from there.”

Reporting Live from the Inside of Wedding Weekend: “Because here is the thing – when you get all of your friends and relations together in one place for an event that feels high stakes – people will get stressed out, things will not always go as expected, though wonderful things will happen to. That’s human, that’s normal. But most of the time, when stressful things happen, we can give in to being annoyed. We can let the crappy bits of life stand larger than the joyful bits. But for your wedding you can’t get thrown by little things. You have to pull yourself back to a core of calm that you’ve created for yourself, over and over again. You have to remember that a wedding is about love, and people stand still for love. You have to remember what wise wedding graduate Christina told me: ‘It is not your business what other people think of you.” Because it’s your wedding. You can’t leave a bit of you behind gnawing over that little thing that went wrong, or that weird comment someone made. You have to show up with all of yourself.'”

There are SO many more posts I could quote for you, but I think you get the point.  For all my fellow brides, just remember this as you’re going through the planning process:  No one can shape your happiness.  No matter who is paying, no matter what people think about your choice of shoes/dresses/jewelry/flowers etc., this is your day, your moment, your love.  While it’s nice to have so many people supporting you, your wedding is a celebration of the love that you found in your fiance:  not of the money you may or may not have, not of the cake you did or didn’t like, not of the party you threw or the music you played but of the life that you are building together.  Don’t let ANYTHING get in the way of stealing that joy from you, particularly the silly little details that go along with wedding planning.

Meg was recently married herself.  Congratulations, Meg, and thanks for being an inspiration to all of us brides!  (And I hope you don’t mind that I excessively quoted you…)

Happy planning!