Because as fun as they are, weddings are still a project!  In honor of one of the last Fridays of summer, let’s take time to pay tribute to all the hard work that goes into planning a wedding by taking a look at a site that acknowledges those details!

Project Wedding was started by Joe and Margaret, who, as they were planning their own wedding, found that they didn’t have too many great places to turn to when researching vendors and other critical information.  In today’s economy, we all need to be careful with who we’re entrusting our money to, and for that reason, Project Wedding was created-to take the stress and worry out of some of those decisions!

What I love about this site is the functionality for REAL brides to write REAL, unbiased  reviews about vendors they have used.  Working in the search space, I’m very familiar with online advertising on sites like TheKnot-just because something is listed there does not mean it’s great, it simply means that vendor had budget for advertising!  I wish I had found this site when I was in the early planning stages, as I certainly think it gives people peace of mind to read real reviews.

The photo collections on this site are also massive.  Like, MASSIVE.  Almost a little too massive.  No one needs to look at 9,672 pictures of flowers, for instance.  However, it’s still nice ot get a cross section of pictures from different brides.  And it takes up a lot of time.  🙂

Another unique feature of this site?  Anyone can contribute! A lot of the articles are written in Wiki fashion, meaning anyone can add content as long as they are a registered user.  For me, the best part of this is seeing how brides did things themselves without a million dollar budget and wedding planner.  What a great way to share realistic ideas-letting real people contribute!

The Project Wedding blog is also a fun collection of images and information.  My favorite features are the wedding palettes they showcase using different possible color combinations.  SUPER helpful for getting a vision.  Love this black and white one.

Overall, while I don’t see myself using this site on a daily basis, I think it will definitely come in handy as I plan our smaller details, like flowers, centerpieces, etc.  Great visuals, very easy navigation, and just overall a fun site to use!