I don’t think it’s any surprise that I came across Accordians and Lace while reading A Practical Wedding.  Since Meg featured a post from this blogger, I knew I would like her instantly.  One look at her blog, and I have to admit:  I am in love with her attitude.

As those of you that have been following this blog know, I wouldn’t consider myself your typical bride.  Jared and I are sharing the responsibility of planning very equally, and there is very little that I lose sleep over at night thinking I have to have.  I am most certainly the furthest from Bridezillas as you can get…even though they are extreme, I know a lot of ladies do get caught up in the stress and details of it all.  Accordians and Lace captures that same kind of attitude I’ve discussed in the past:  the details matter, but at the same time, they don’t.

Here are some great posts that capture that sentiment.  Remember, it’s not worth fighting with your fiance and family over table linens:  let your goal be that everyone has a great time, including you and your man!

Things that Went Wrong:  I’m a big fan of this post. No wedding is ever perfect.  Anyone who tells you they had “the perfect day” is a big liar.  There are always little things that go wrong.  The trick is making sure you have the right attitude to overcome these minor details and still make the most of your day.

Preface:  This post is exactly why I love reading the stories of real women getting married.  The magazines paint this perfect, etiquette-cloaked, Martha Stewart-esque picture of what should look like what, what you should care about, and what you should do at every waking moment.  As A. says, quoting East Side Bride, “your wedding is not a photo shoot.”  Amen to that.

Up and Down We Go:  I like the reality of the emotions in this one.  I’m often afraid to admit what I’m really feeling about wedding planning, as every time I hint at not caring about silly things, I get “the look” from family and friends.  It’s certainly made me sensitive to not EVER say a WORD about what other people choose for their own day.  Those of you that are going through this with us, please understand the ups and downs!!

There are so many great posts I could point to, but you get the point.  🙂  Thanks for being so honest, A., and for sharing you and the mister’s journey!