I’ve been meaning to take a look at this blog for awhile.  This past week motivated me to feature it, as I’ve been thinking a lot about that icky wedding detail that tends to ruin a lot of things and cause a lot of tears:


I’d love to expound here about the virtues of a budget and tell you that money doesn’t matter when you’re planning a wedding.  Really, I’d love to.  But honestly, I can’t do that.  During the planning process, I’ve seen that it absolutely does matter.  Money has the power to control what type of wedding you’ll have, who will have a voice in planning it, who might feel excluded, etc.  While there are many aspects that are involved in planning a very special day in your life, I’d be a big liar if I told any of you that money wasn’t a factor.

The reason I love this blog:  $10,000 is not a lot of money to spend on a wedding.  Do the math:  if you have your reception at a venue that charges $100 per person, and  only 100 people attend, there’s your $10,000 right there just for food.  While the average price of a wedding has dropped $6,000 since last year, weddings are still a hefty chunk of change to spend on one day.

Hats off to the people that budget and plan so carefully down to the last dollar.  I can assure all of you that this is not an easy feat.  When you combine families from two different socio-economic backgrounds, having those discussions about money are tough.   So, for that reason, I’m honoring Ten Thousand Only for the DIY tips and tricks she features and for her diligence in ensuring her own wedding didn’t break the bank.

I’ll certainly be writing more about money in the upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned, and enjoy the weekend!