I came across The Wedding Channel this week when I was searching for a bouquet charm to tie on to my bouquet.  I think I’ve stumbled across this site before, but I definitely got sucked in this time!

The Wedding Channel seems to have a partnership with Macy’s, so after we registered there, I believe I became registered on this site as a result.  The main benefit of this site, in my opinion, is the option for The Wedding Channel to make a donation to your favorite charity every time someone purchases from your registry through the site.  All the bride and groom have to do is “claim” their registry through The Wedding Channel and encourage people to visit the site to purchase items from their registry.  While I am very attracted to the idea of our registry doing some good, I don’t really think it’s convenient to have people go to an outside site to take advantage of this.  I’m not sure the majority of people would order gifts online, and I think they would likely find it confusing to go to a site that is not Macys or Crate and Barrel.  Oh well.  Something to think about regardless.

So far, I’ve spent the most time reading through posts on the message boards.  As you know, these are features that I have used occassionally on TheKnot and Brides.com.  The message boards on The Wedding Channel are easy to read through and search.  I particularly enjoy the sharing of person stories in the Wedding Drama section.  What can I say..it’s nice to know other people have it way worse in the planning process!  🙂

The wedding tools on this site are very similar to the tools we’ve already talked about on TheKnot and Brides.com. If you’ve seen one too, you’ve likely seen them all!  I did think the budget breakdown was the most helpful, though.  Put things in perspective.  I also might play around with the seating manager at some point.  Should be oodles of fun.

I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping lately, so I did check out the Wedding Channel store in detail.  The interface is MUCH easier than TheKnot, and overall the store has a more legitimate look to it.  The prices are pretty decent, and they seem to have more variety than TheKnot, although, it almost looks like it’s all tied in together.  Nonetheless, still a great resource for ideas for gifts and other fun wedding items.

Like all wedding Web sites, the Ideas & Advice section on The Wedding Channel is chock full of photos.  The photos are easier to browse than The Knot and Brides.com, and there seem to be a lot of options for galleries.  Yet again another way for brides to waste time while planning the perfect wedding 🙂

Overall, another great site for planning and ideas.  If you’re registered at Macy’s and comfortable directing guests here to order gifts, it’s a great way to give back while still receiving items you may need to build a home together!