I’m a lucky bride for many reasons.  I’ve got great in-laws and great family support to help me through the planning process without overwhelming me.  However, I consider myself the luckiest bride in the world mainly because I am in the rare camp of brides-to-be that is lucky enough to have a groom that takes a vested interest in helping with the planning.

Yes, that’s right.  I’m almost embarassed to admit that Jared has been making a lot of the phone calls, but it is nice to know that the pressure doesn’t have to be all on me.  It’s nice to have another person to bounce ideas of off that truly cares about them and shares the same vision for our big day as I do.

With that said, how do we keep everything organized?  Sure, the wedding planning Web sites are great, but Jared really has no need to log on to TheKnot.com to track our progress.  So, we’ve been using Google Docs to keep all of our documents in one place where we can both edit them.

I’ve been using Google Docs for awhile at work, and recently realized that people that aren’t in the industry might not know how awesome it is for wedding planning.  Google Docs is a feature offered through your Google Account online  that allows you to upload and share documents on line.  The best features, in my opinion, are:

  • You can upload documents from your desktop to the online account.
  • Anyone can edit the document once they have been invited to do so.
  • The files live on line, meaning you can update them from any computer, not just the computer the file is saved on.
  • Edits are made in real time, meaning that there are no worries about changes being overwritten or saved incorrectly.
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents can be created straight from the platform, meaning you don’t have to create duplicate copies on your desktop

Jared and I have been using Google Docs to keep track of our Guest List, Photo combinations, and finances.  It’s saved us the trouble of working off of multiple documents and running the risk of losing information.  It’s been a great time saver, and I would recommend it to any bride who needs a little help staying organized!