As most brides, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about money.  So, what better blog to feature this week than a blog that speaks right to those of us that can’t pull out the plastic over any purchase:  The Budget Savvy Bride.

I love reading about how other people are using their dollars wisely for their wedding.  Whether it’s a DIY touch or the decision to cut back on things other people tell you you “must” have, it’s refreshing to know that people are able to achieve beautiful results no matter what their budget.  It’s another reminder that, as we continue to plan, we have to keep our heads in the game and remember what the day is all about!  It’s also a refreshing reminder these days that, no matter what happens job-wise, your wedding can be beautiful.

I really like how Jessica interviews other brides about their big day.  I’m a big fan of the personal stories, and interviews are just such an easy way to share information that others can use.  I find the questions she asks to be insightful, rather thant he usual, “how much did you spend, what went wrong, blah blah blah” that I’m so used to seeing on other blogs.  Love it when people keep it real with useful information!  I’m a huge fan of the transparency that Bryan and Katy shared with Budget Savvy Bride:  it’s SO HELPFUL to see a real breakdown of expenses rather than just an estimated, generic list!  A lot of the other brides Jessica talk to shared the same information, and I think it’s very useful to see the exact numbers instead ot the suggested “your dress should be 10% of the cost of the wedding” or whatever the guidelines are.  Jared and I are keeping our own list, and if he’s ok with sharing, I’ll probably post our final breakdown eventually as well!

Jessica also features a lot of fun giveaways on her site.  I don’t typically enter these types of contests, but every now and then, I think it’s fun to try your luck at winning something you can actually use!  And what’s more budget savvy than getting something for free that you can use for your wedding??

Another great feature is some of the DIY tutorials.  As all of you that really know me are aware, I’m not much of a DIY’er, so I need the step by step picture instructions to make me feel like DIY is an achievable goal for certain wedding elements :).  Also love that some of these types are shared by readers.  The collaboration element of this blog is awesome, and makes it seem more down to earth and natural.

Another great feature of this site?  Jessica actually talks about life after the wedding.  She was married in May, and has recently started sharing some of their house-buying plans/decorating ideas.  I know from experience with other brides that this is on our minds as well along with planning a wedding, so it’s nice to see some talk about that!  Sure, right now we might be more interested in what kind of invitations other brides are using, but it’s important to remember that there are a lot of bigger decisions that need to be made after those details are taken care of!

Fellow brides, make sure you bookmark Jessica’s site or subscribe to her RSS feed for the best budget-savvy advice out there!  Thanks for all the great photos and tips, Jessica!