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Ah, the registry.  That fun little part of our planning process where we realize we already have a lot of things.  Yet, when faced with a scanner and a store full of fun, we somehow talk ourselves into needing even more.

I was on the fence regarding the registry, to be quite honest.  Jared and I are fortunate enough to live together in a four bedroom house that we’ve also been fortunate enough to fill with more appliances, sheets, towels, candles, dishes, glasses, etc. then we will ever need.  I almost opted to go with a non-traditional registry, such as a donation site or honeymoon related site, however, tradition prevailed on this one.  After all, what girl doesn’t dream about picking out her china pattern?

In an effort to make this process as fun as possible, I decided we would hold off on registering until our stores of choice held specific registry events.  I wanted to wait until the planning calendars told us to start doing it, and we ended up finding events exactly within that timeline.  I also wanted to wait to fend off engagement gifts, which I didn’t know people did, but found out very quickly were popular among certain groups.  I’ve got a lot of opinions on why these are unnecessary, but I’ll save that for another day.  😉

Crate and Barrel: Jared and I absolutely LOVE wandering around Crate and Barrel.  So, when the time came to register, we couldn’t think of a better place to start.  Crate and Barrel’s registry event happened to fall on September 13th at 9 a.m., so this ended up being our first event.

What I liked most about Crate and Barrel’s registry event was the staff.  I was a bit worried that the associates at these events would be pushy, not allowing us to accomplish what needed to be done.  While the introduction to the store lasted a little longer than I would have liked, I was surprised to find that the associates let us wander on our own to choose items.  At no point during the morning did we feel pressured into putting a certain item on the list.  Vendors for the products were present, however, they also maintained a level of professionalism that made me feel very relaxed.  There’s nothing I hate more than pressure from sales associates, but the Crate and Barrel event ended up being very pleasant.  While we didn’t end up taking the full two hours, we still were able to put more on our list than I thought we would, so that was great!  At the end, we received a nice heart shaped dish as a thank you for coming. In all, it was a great event that made us totally comfortable with the registry process!

Macy’s: I was a little disappointed by Macy’s event.  Granted, it had been along day and the event didn’t start until 7 p.m., so maybe I just wasn’t in the best of spirits.  When we arrived, we were assigned a registry consultant, who was very helpful and got us up and running very quickly.  I was pleasantly surprised by this, as I was expecting Macy’s to be a bit pushier when it came to the process.  My biggest complaint about Macy’s was the KitchenAid vendor.  This lady would not SHUT UP.  She talked to us for 20 minutes about things we didn’t care about, and really ended up wasting a lot of our time.  I am too polite to just walk away, but it did get to the point where I eventually cut her off and walked away.  Not impressed.

I was also a little let down by the selection at the Bridgewater Macy’s.  I grew up wandering the registry section of the Rockaway Macy’s, and after a recent trip there, I almost regret not doing our registry there.  It seemed like a lot of products were missing or just not available, which made it difficult to choose things like bedding.

The one positive aspect of Macy’s was choosing the china patterns for our nice dishes.  The registry consultants told us to choose 2 patterns, and then they set them up as if they were setting a real table.  It was a nice touch, and certainly helped me feel good about what we chose!

The food and drink were seriously lacking at the Macy’s event.  There was one small table with tiny seltzer drinks and small, non-appetizing looking appetizers.  Where was my champagne??  Lol.  They could have done a way better job with this.  Although, we did get a set of free wine glasses as a free gift, so that was ok.

In all, I would still recommend building your registry at an event such as these.  It takes some of the pressure off and allows you to budget a good 2 hours to do this instead of feeling rushed after work or on the weekend trying to accomplish a million things.  And hey, who doesn’t love a free gift?


In all of my wedding readings, I keep coming across links to East Side Bride.  So, it’s only fitting that I share the link here today for all you fans for bridal goodness 🙂

I particularly appreciate the humor of East Side Bride.  Makes for some good reading on a Friday.


P.S. Yes, I realize I usually go over these blogs in more detail.  However, circumstances have pulled me away this week, leaving little time for bridal blogging!