I came across this blog post on Shaping Youth shortly after I had written my own thoughts on the Wall Street Journal article regarding dieting fourth graders.  The question the blog poses has been on my mind for quite awhile.

Would children and men and women of all ages lead healthier lifestyles if the messages we used to communicate body image were different?  I think the term “fat-phobic” messaging they use in this blog is particularly interesting.  In my mind, there is a vast difference between eating healthy and being fat phobic.  These phobias of being fat are where we start turning down the slippery slope into unhealthy body image issues.  The phobia has little to do with health, and more to do with how people portray your body.

As the author of this blog says, it’s important that we start framing these discussions toward healthier lifestyle choices rather than weight itself.  Yes, obesity is still a problem, but talking about healthy choices  can address that problem in a positive fashion, which, in my mind, will serve more people in the end.

Very refreshing blog with lots of great content!  Thanks, Shaping Youth!