As I’ve stated about a million times, I am not a DIY’er.  If someone else can do something for me in the crafty/fix ‘er up arena, by all means, go for it.  However, considering I’m going to have a lot of time on my hands soon, I have to admit that I’ve kind of grown a little attracted to the idea of some do it yourself projects.  There’s something very special to me about brides who create even one element of their day by hand, and in honor of that personal touch, let’s talk about DIY Bride.

Khris Cochran started DIY Bride as a Yahoo Group as she was planning her own wedding to connect other brides with projects and creative advice (remember Yahoo Groups?  feels like forever ago!).  In 2000-2003, the Yahoo Group expanded, spurring a few books and a great resource site for all kinds of brides!  So cool the way we can all connect online regarding our special days!

This blog is layed out very well, with a wealth of simple explanations and beautiful pictures.  I think what most attracted me to this site is the Projects and Tutorials section.  Here, you can find an archive of great posts with step by step instructions for the projects shown.  My favorites?  The “Thank You Shadow Box” and the “Bag in a Box Project.”   I’m very into doing things slightly differently, and the creativity that I found in this section was just so unique, without being too left-of-center for me.

Other great resources include product reviews, a Flickr group containing a lot of great photos of featured items, and a whole wonderful page of links to other helpful sites, including templates for some projects.

Just another great wedding site for inspiration!  Congratulations, Khris, for all of your well-deserved success!