Recently, I have been feeling the need to apologize for choices I’m making as they relate to our wedding.  From the desire to have all the bridesmaids wearing the same shoes down to the way I’ve choreographed the entrances for the reception in my head, I’ve found myself saying on more than one occassion, “Sorry, but…”

I was starting to feel bad about that until I saw this post on Veiled Vows.  This blogger hits the nail on the head when she says “there’s no I’m sorry about it.”  My feelings and opinions ARE completely valid when it comes to MY wedding, and that doesn’t make anyone wrong, it just carries on the great discussions and ideas for other people to digest.  When it’s their own wedding, they can get all the things they want too.    Right now, it’s my turn.  🙂

Veiled Vows is another great example of the inspiration that brides with all different tastes can turn to!