When was the last time you had a doctor’s checkup just because?  How about the last time you went to the doctor because you weren’t feeling well? That long ago? Yeah, I’m with you.

As women, we tend to not take time to take care of ourselves from a health perspective.  Sure, we schedule the usual annual appointments and dentist appointments (right??), but when it comes to actually not feeling well, most of us choose to just ignore our symptoms for various reasons.

Glamour recently highlighted this problem in its December issue, finding that emergency room visits among women younger than 45 are on their way up.  What does this mean?  This means that women like me and you are waiting until the last possible minute to take care of our health rather than being proactive.  And the results are scary.

So, why do women wait?  I know for me, it’s easier to bulk up on OTC medicine and binge on Theraflu than to take time off from work to make a doctors appointment.  Most women like me just don’t have time to schedule an appointment during the day, and can’t find a clinic that will take their health insurance that’s open after hours.  But, as the Glamour article pointed out, waiting until the last minute can make things worse than they really are.

With flu season at it’s highest, we need to take proactive measures this year to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves and not ignoring serious symptoms.  Please carefully read the above article, and do your homework!  For me, half the battle is finding a doctor to go to that can accommodate my schedule.  If you research that information before you get sick, it might be easier to make that phone call.

Stay healthy, ladies!