Chatterberries is a Web site that I used to see a lot of ads for when I would look through wedding magazines.  I saw another one in a recent Cosmo, and thought the site was worth a look!

At first glance, Chatterberries seems very similar to the other planning and community sites for brides.  From a content perspective, the site is more articles based than a lot of the sites I’ve been looking at.  While Chatterberries doesn’t seem to have as many content resources as other sites, they still do a nice job of presenting the basics in a format that’s quick to browse and grasp on to.  When time is of the essence for a busy bride, finding what you need can be crucial.  On larger sites like The Knot, it might not be so easy, but on Chatterberries, navigation is quick and it’s easy to tell within the first few seconds whether they have what you need.

I took a deeper dive into the Beauty Guide section, and liked how each category had photos, videos and articles.  This makes things easy to find without having to go to a different section and searching all over again.  While the collections are not that robust, the resources are still very helpful.  Would be nice to see perhaps some fitness move videos instead of just a video about perfect smiles, but hopefully Chatterberries is only just beginning to build out these libraries!

I think Chatterberries has a long way to go from a content perspective, but the fact that it’s not overrun with information almost makes it appealing to me as a resource.  Also, it seems like they store a lot of their videos in a separate tab, for ease of use.  If you’re short on time and don’t feel like sifting through fancy sites that take forever to load, definitely give Chatterberries a spin!