I read an article in this Sunday’s Star Ledger that struck me as an interesting way to combat obesity.  Apparently, Lincoln University in Pennsylvania is monitoring students’ body mass indexes as part of a graduation requirement.  If students have a BMI of over 30, they are then required to take a one-credit gym class in order to graduate.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous.  First of all, what about students that have a BMI below the normal ranges?  Shouldn’t they also be monitored and  as part of this graduation plan?  Second, I’m not really sure a one credit gym class addresses the issue.  It’s a bit demoralizing, in my opinion, to single out certain people and make them take an hour course a few times a week.  Yes, obesity is a problem, but a gym class certainly isn’t going to fix that problem. For instance, my BMI currently classifies me as overweight.  I’d have to lose at least 20 pounds to be considered in a different category.  A few hours of fitness a week ain’t gonna change that!

Just thought this was a weird solution to the obesity issue….