I recently cancelled my subscription to Cosmopolitan magazine.  A sad day for me, as I’m pretty addicted to the world of girly magazines.  However, I just really didn’t find the content relevant to me in my engaged, 25 year old state.  Not that I can’t enjoy reading some of it, but it almost got to be too immature for me.

The one subscription I did keep was Glamour.  I’ve written about Glamour pretty consistently in this blog, and I have to say, I’m always impressed with their content and level of maturity.  I noticed the other day that they recently launched a section of their Web site devoted to weddings.

Way to go, Glamour.  Particularly on today’s post about being a better bride.  What an excellent idea for a series.  I absolutely hate blogs and sites that tout the “it’s all about you” mantra to brides.  It wouldn’t be a wedding without the groom!

Glamour can count on me for at least another year!