As we continue to check things off the list, I feel compelled to fill everyone in on some tips we’ve learned as we go through the wedding planning process.  An often overlooked detail, in my opinion, is what the groom and his men are wearing.  Granted it’s MUCH more fun to talk about dresses, but the guys are obviously an important element of the wedding as well!

Recently, we went to Men’s Wearhouse to set up what exactly the guys will be donning for the big day.  We made an appointment at our local store, and I have to say I was very pleased with the service at the location we went to.  I’ve been to other Men’s Wearhouse locations with other people, and I didn’t really feel like they gave the guys the same type of treatment girls get.  Sure, girls are usually way more into the decisions than guys are, but I still think they should be treated with the same kind of excitement as females are at the bridal salons.

Kerry, the man who helped us out, was extremely thoughtful and helpful.  I had come prepared with some color swatches I ordered off the Web site (for free), and he was very good at steering us in the right direction to make sure all of our patterns and colors fit well together. The patterns I had picked were based on color and not the pattern of the vests, and Kerry pointed out that we really should keep the patterns similar across all the vests.  A very good point that I would have missed being so hung up on color.  Kerry really took the time to show us the looks put together so that we could get the full picture, and I definitely appreciated his help!

The benefit of Men’s Wearhouse is that they have locations all over the United States.  When you are dealing with a group of guys that are scattered across the tri-state area and beyond, it’s hard to get everyone together to come to NJ to have their fittings done.  Men’s Wearhouse allows for the guys to have fittings done anywhere, making it easier for people to go in on their own time without having to travel.  Furthermore, Men’s Wearhouse will then ship all tuxedos to one location to allow for ease of pick-up the day before the wedding.  This makes it impossible for things to get lost or for someone to “forget” their tux on Wedding Day!  Men’s Wearhouse has done a great job figuring out what works best for the male mind and making the process as stress free for the bride as possible!

My only complaint when we go places like Men’s Wearhouse together is that vendors tend to ask me my opinion without considering Jared.  While I’m fully aware of the fact that most brides make all the decisions without consulting their grooms, I find it slightly disrespectful for vendors to always assume the bride is calling the shots, particularly with clothing.  He’s the one that has to wear the tux all day, talk to him about the comfort and fit!  Not a huge deal, but one thing that I’ve noticed overall.  I guess it’s up to brides like me to dispel the stereotype that grooms don’t care about the details of the day!

Happy that our bridal party and groomsmen look is complete!  Now, on to the next task…..