I’m not much of a TV watcher.  Sure, I have my pet shows (can’t wait until Sunday for 24!!) but I have to really like a show to watch it consistently.  I mean, really like it.  My problem with TV is that it interrupts my work out schedule.   Unless a show is on from 9-10, the chances of me watching it are slim.  And let’s not forget that my memory is terrible, so I usually forget what nights the shows are on…

When I do watch TV, I have a huge penchant for reality TV.  Roll your eyes all you want, but there is something about reality TV that is fascinating to me.  I really think it’s the fact that it’s totally mindless.  I am a chronic worrier, and when stress gets the best of me, there’s nothing better than tuning out and focusing on someone else’s life.

With that being said, I’m happy to report that High School Reunion has started a new season on TV Land.  I watched the premiere episode of this series awhile ago, and it fell off my radar.  However, with Jared being gone, what better to do than catch up on my beloved mindless shows??

The concept for this show is fantastic.  In fact, I often find myself wishing they would call me to be on it.  However, I’m always reminded after watching one episode that I would never be called to be on a show like this for a few reasons:

1.)  I don’t have a bone to pick with anyone from high school. That’s the big one.  To be honest, I could really care less what happened in high school.  I’m sure there were days when I wanted to hide in a locker, but I honestly can’t remember a single person or event as a stand out, OMG I can’t believe they did that to me/that happened thing.  I have no grudges, no burning crushes, nothing.  Pretty boring for HS Reunion.  After all, life just wouldn’t be fair if the cheerleader and head football player from high school didn’t end up together.  Give me a break.   He doesn’t even seem that interested in her!

My only regret post high school is not staying in better touch with my best female friends.  Sure, life gets in the way, but I definitely wish I had done a better job keeping up the friendships that took me through those four years.  Girls, you know who you are, and just know that I miss you!

2.)  I don’t still refer to myself by a high school nickname. Granted, I don’t recall ever having one.  But the “Summer Girls“?  Give me a break, TV Land.  Do these women (who are pushing 40 these days, might I add) REALLY still refer to themselves by their high school clique name?  Get over yourselves.  I can tell these ladies are going to get on my nerves.  I’m already tired of hearing every sentence start with “The Summer Girls…(fill in the blank of some stereotypical thing “popular people” supposedly do).”

3.)  I’ve moved on. I know, it’s reality tv.  But really, how does TV Land do it?  How do they successfully find a group of 16 people each season who never moved past their undergrad days?  The weirdest thinga bout this show to me is that no one talks about what they’re doing now.  It’s all so focused on what happened “back then.”  You can’t really tell me that nothing happened to these people in the 20 years since they left high school.  Some of them touch on divorces, but conveniently, all of them are single. Except, of course, for “the player,” who they put on to test to see if he’ll stay faithful.  So predictable.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love this show and will continue to watch it.  And if TV Land ever called me, I would go.  I just wouldn’t make for good tv.  🙂