I confess:  I’ve been on a bit of a buying high lately for wedding things.  I’m a marketer’s dream:  I pour over every email and catalog these wedding people send me, hoping to find just one little thing I can buy.  I don’t know what the attraction is.  I guess I feel like it’s another thing I can cross off the list.  And it’s fun to have things in advance to play with before the big day!

The Wedding Outlet was a recent victim of my shopaholicism.  I can’t remember how I came across it, but I found the products to be slightly different than a lot of the other sites I was on.  My mission:  Toasting Glasses and our Cake Server set.  Minor details, I know, but items that I was adamant to find and have engraved.  I’m not sure why this was so important to me, but it’s another one of those lasting things that was special to me.

After sharing my top choices with Jared via Google Docs and narrowing down the finalists, we finally settled on a matching pair of each.  I had to use the live customer service chat for a question, and I found it to be quite good.  Usually I feel like the “people” you chat with are more like computers, but this actually felt like I was talking to a real person who wasn’t scripting out an answer.  Love that.  Everything arrived in a decent amount of time, and I was able to use some coupon codes I found while browsing around.  Sweet deal.

I now am of course enrolled in all of their email campaigns, but I don’t really mind them.  They take a cute spin on the usual emails, and I’m usually tempted to read and click through.  (Like I said, marketer’s dream)  Today’s theme was “Something Blue” and I liked the little history they provided about the sayings.  Very clever.

If you’re still looking for the final or beginning touches to personalize your wedding, make sure you’re checking out all The Wedding Outlet has to offer!

Oh, and as for a picture of our toasting glasses and cake set?  Guess you’ll have to wait for the big day to see those.  🙂