The other night, I watched Paper Heart, a “documentary” created by Charlyne Yi with the purpose of helping her understand love, a subject she doesn’t fully grasp.

Paper heart

The journey to love

Not my typical choice.  However, if you know Charlyne Yi, you’ll know she’s dating Michael Cera.  The main purpose of my watching this movie was to observe Michael Cera in his natural habitat of wonderfulness and romanticism.  Quirky, scrawny and awkward he is, but he has a certain appeal that I cannot deny.

I have to admit that I almost turned the movie off within the first 5 minutes.  Charlyne Yi is almost too awkward for my taste.  I don’t really find her to be that funny, and her level of immaturity kind of bothered me throughout the movie.  Not sure if she really is immature or if that’s just my misinterpretation of awkwardness, but anyway, I digress.

Charlyne and her director, Nick, travel across the country, interviewing a variety of couples regarding the true meaning of love.  The best part of this documentary had to be when she interviewed a group of children on the playground in Atlanta.  The girls informed her that they knew what love was “because they loved Chris Brown, you don’t know him.”  HA.

During the course of the documentary, Charlyne meets Michael Cera, and they start to date.  Almost too perfect, for such a thing to happen during the course of this documentary.  It’s obvious that Michael hates the fact that the beginning of their relationship is being recorded, and they almost break up over it.  This was really the only part of the movie where I applauded Yi’s maturity, as she grappled with an emotion she wasn’t used to feeling.

In all, I wouldn’t say the movie spoke to me or provided any type of insights I didn’t already know.  While I can’t say I spend countless amounts of time pondering what love is, it’s still sweet to hear other people’s interpretations of it.  Love, to me, isn’t really all about the butterflies in the stomach.  When I was younger, that’s ALL it was about…a feeling.  To me, love is a level of comfort you start to feel with someone, whether it’s a best friend, a boyfriend, a fiance, a husband, that allows you to be truly yourself in front of them.  Love has its ups and downs, there’s not doubt about that, but at the end of the day, love is what keeps you coming back for more.

I still maintain that Michael Cera should be with me instead, but I guess he’s too late.  🙂