Reader’s Digest recently commissioned a survey in 16 countries interviewing approximately 16,000 regarding their attitudes and behaviors about weight, weight loss, and obesity.  I always find these sort of polls interesting, as I feel that attitudes toward food and weight loss vastly differ per country.

I have to admit, I was kind of shocked and appalled to see that women in the US “most want their husbands to lose weight.”  Maybe I’m surprised by this because I’m usually too obsessed with my own weight to care what Jared is doing, but I find it kind of hypocritical of us US females to battle with our own weight issues, and wish our husbands would lose weight…oh well.

I’m also kind of surprised that the US didn’t lead in the diet pill craze.  I guess that’s a good thing!

All in all, worth a read. I was hoping the advice to lose weight would break us outside the usual recommendations, but I guess that’s just never going to happen 🙂

What surprised you most in this poll?  Anything not surprising?  Let me know your take!