For those that know me well, you know that I am a worrier.  In turn, this causes a lot of stress for my mind and body.  I’m honestly never able to figure out why I’m still like this.  I follow all the tips related to conquering stress, and yet, at the end of the day, I’m still going to bed fretting over things that were/were not done during the day.  I just can’t let it die.

I recently read a study that women may be able to better handle stress than men.  The study points out how women’s brains handle stress, and although they report handling it the same as a man, their brains are actually doing something different.

I guess I find this hard to believe, when I think about the men in my life handling stress.  I’ve never really seen a man I’m close to suffer from stress the same way I do.  I really kind of think it’s a personality thing, not a gender thing. I know the study isn’t saying that all women handle stress one way and all men handle stress another way, but still.  I guess I’m just looking for some kind of “cure” for my worrying brain.  🙂

Until then, I’ll continue to follow all the tips:  working out, getting up from your desk at work every hour, taking a mental break, blah blah blah….

How do you deal with stress?  What works for you and what makes it worse?