I’ve gone and done it again.  Broken the cardinal rule of blogging, and ignored my little web diary here, blaming it all on the fact that I’ve been busy!  Not that it’s any excuse.  I will admit, the past few months have been a little hard with all of the changes I’ve been going through work wise, etc.  But, we’re back…

Instead of featuring a site this Friday, I thought I’d take the time to update ya’all on where we are with our wedding.  In case it escaped anyone’s attention, we’re only 2 months away!!  So, here’s the high level run-down.

1.)  Ceremony: Written with help from our officiant.

2.)  Invitations: Sent!  A cool story about the invitations:  Jared, my mom, my sister, Owen and I addressed and put these together at the same table my mom and aunt did their wedding invitations!  How cool is that??

3.)  Honeymoon: Booked!  Now on to figuring out which excursions are worth it…

4.)  Dress and Accessories: Dress is starting to really fit well!  Unfortunately for me, they had to take it in again, which means I have to be uber careful.  Going to hopefully pick it up for good the end of this month!  Thanks so much to the ladies at Alfred Angelo for all of your love and support.  It’s been so great working with you!

5.)  Hair and Makeup: Had both trials.  Still determining if the makeup is too much.  Might have to dial it back down a bit…

6.)  Rehearsal Dinner: Menu chosen!

All in all, we’re in great shape for not having to rush anything at the last minute.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us get here!  We’ll keep you posted!