Vegetable goodness for your face!

As you’ve probably noticed from the products I do review, my skin is extremely important to me.  I’ve battled acne and acne scarring all my life, and continue to fight the battle despite being 25 years old.  (Shouldn’t it have gone away by now??)  A friend told me about the Yes to Carrots/Yes to Tomatoes brands, and a few months ago I decided to give the night cream a shot.

I first bought this product from Target around November.  Target is really the only retail location I can ever find them-I believe they sell exclusively to Target stores.  Since I bought this in the dead of winter, I was looking for something that would keep my skin moisturized at night without causing my pores to be too clogged.  C Through the Night promised to “boost the moisture level of the skin by promoting moisture retention.”  C Through The Night has organic carrot juice, cucumber juice, dead sea minerals, vitamin c, vitamin A, and pomegranate peel to protect the skin from free radicals.  It also has Ginkgo Bilboa Extract to detoxify and improve skin circulation.

One thing you should know about me is that I’m not much of an ingredient reader-that’s something I really have to convince myself to do more often when it comes to products for my skin.  In fact, I didn’t even realize C Through The Night had all that good stuff in it until I did some searching today for it.  Nonetheless, C Through The Night is a thick cream that actually goes on smooth and light.  I don’t feel like it takes awhile to dry, so I’m not afraid to put it on and then go right to sleep.

I do think that through the course of my use of the product my skin has improved greatly, having less breakouts and feeling a lot smoother overall.  I just bought my second bottle, so hopefully I’ll continue to see improvement!

Anyone else use the full product line?  Any benefit to using the face wash along with the night cream?  Better results?