I don’t usually pay much attention to products like this, never mind take the time to review them.  But the Zip It Drain Cleaner deserves its day in the spotlight!  After all, it is Spring Cleaning time…

Any female who tells you that she doesn’t have to clean her bathtub/sink/bathroom floors every day because of hair shedding all over the place is lying.  It’s totally natural, albeit annoying, and it’s an issue we all deal with.  Particularly when it clogs our sinks.

I used to use Draino to take care of these clogs, but then I wised up to the fact that these types of cleaners are not that great for the environment.  Jared and I live in an old house where the plumbing can be temperamental to begin with, so we needed some kind of solution.  Jared found the Zip It at Home Depot or Lowes and I was initially skeptical that a little wire could effectively clean out our drains without us having to call a plumber to snake them.  I’m big on things being clean, which was why the chemicals appealed to me, but I have to say I am impressed.

I’d recommend the Zip It to anyone that wants to keep drains clean without harsh chemicals or expensive plumber visits.  Clean away!