Like any husband and wife to be, Jared and I simply could not wait to start receiving RSVPs for our wedding.  There seriously is nothing more fun about the whole invite process than starting to receive responses back from your guests.  However, with these RSVPs comes a responsibility to make sure our final numbers are accurate and that our list doesn’t leave anyone out!

I know that it’s the usual to have the response cards go back to the family that is hosting the reception. However, me being me, I wanted them to come to us.  After all, we’ll be doing the seating chart, ordering items based on the number of guests, doing the escort cards, etc., and I didn’t really like the idea of having someone else keeping tabs on the RSVPs besides me.  That way, if I make a mistake, it’s mine to claim and there is no blame to go around.

This is once again where Google Docs has come in handy for us.  Unfortunately, Jared was sent to Prague for work the week we started receiving responses.  Since the document was shared on Google Docs, he was able to access it from halfway across the country and share in my excitement over the responses.  Here’s the process I use when we receive a response card:

1.)  I created a separate tab in our Google Doc called “RSVPs”.  In this spreadsheet, I have a numbered list of “yes” and “no” responses. While our guest list tabs were separated out by whose side the people were from and batched as families/couples, I wanted our RSVP list to have each individuals name next to a number so we could quickly determine how many people we needed to plan for.

2.)  As the response cards came in, I wrote each individual’s name in the RSVP tab under Yes or No.  For instance, if the “Smith Family” responded, each family member would get their own line to keep the numbers accurate.

3.)  Etiquette states that if you do not hear from guests a few weeks before the wedding, you need to call them. Instead of scrambling around trying to compare our RSVP list with the 6 or 7 other tabs in our guest list document, I decided to code people on our individual tabs as well.  So, after a person went on the RSVP list, I cross checked it with our Full Guest list tab.  Yes responses were highlighted in green, while No’s were highlighted in Red. Since our guest list is divided out by Groom’s Mom’s Side, Groom’s Dad Side, Bride’s Mom’s Side, Bride’s Friends, etc., this gives us an easy reference to hand off to the people that need to make phone calls without having to cross check lists and miss anyone.

4.)  After I’ve entered the RSVP into the computer, I put them in a box.  Once April 22 (our cutoff date) comes around, we will go through the box and make sure each RSVP has been entered correctly.

Just call me the Google Bride…. 🙂