I grew up in Sussex County, NJ.  Not really a hot bed of fun restaurants.  In fact, going to the Lockwood Tavern was a treat for us.  Sussex County has come a long way with its food choices, though, so it’s time to go back to my roots.  🙂

I’ve passed Salt about a million times on my way up 206 to Newton.  As you all know, Jared is a major fan of microbrews, and Salt, from what we read on Yelp, had a great selection.  So, one afternoon, we decided to try it with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend.

From a beer perspective, Salt really did have a nice list.  I tried the New Jersey Lager, and it was very flavorful.  I like my beers on the lighter side, and this provided a crisp taste without being too overpowering.

The food, however, was not what I had hoped it would be.  I’m not really super picky anymore when it comes to food, but I have to say I was having a hard time finding something to get excited over.  I decided to just go with a plain old burger.  The burger was perfectly fine, I was just hoping for something a bit more exciting.  Harsh, I know, but for a picky eater like my sister, it was especially hard.  She ended up with an entree size portion of the Mac and Cheese, which looked pretty good!

Dessert was honestly the best part.  It looked like they make all their desserts in house, and on the day we went, I had the peanut butter pie, which was great.  Jared had the Guinness Creme Brulee, which tasted just like regular creme brulee.  It looked a bit watery to me, though.

All in all, Salt wasn’t a terrible choice.  The atmosphere was decent, and the wait staff was very friendly.  Would have loved to see more choices on the menu for lunch, but it certainly wasn’t a deal breaker!

My rating:  6/10

109 US Highway 206
Stanhope, NJ 07874