I’ll be the first to admit that there are a lot of things related to wedding planning that I think are a waste of money.  Rehearsal dinner invitations were kind of in that boat for me.  After all, the bridal party knows they are attending, as do our parents, so what’s the point?  However, being the eternal planner that I am, I wanted some of our other ceremony VIPs to have an invitation so they had everything in writing.  Also, we wanted to invite our officiant, so I set a small $75 budget for the invites.

My first plan of attack was Target to see if they had any invitations that might work for a rehearsal dinner.  They let me down. So, the online search began.  I checked out a few sites, but once I added in shipping and the like, the cost was way over what we set aside.  I was getting pretty frustrated, and almost bagged the whole idea, but then I came across Wedding Paper Divas.

I know some of you designers might be cringing right now.  “Eek, she used an online site and now these invites won’t match her exact theme and colors!”  Valid point-if I cared about that stuff.  😉  Wedding Paper Divas is the ultimate site for self-service invites.  They had a whole section for rehearsal dinner invitations-it was kind of hard to choose!  Each invite had color options and font options on top of that, as well as a number of options for quantity.  That was the other issue I had with some of the other sites-we only needed 20 invites, and some of the other sites only offered fixed packages. These were fixed as well, but I thought the numbers counted up in reasonable increments.

When you create an invite with Wedding Paper Divas, it’s basically plug and play:  they ask you to fill out a form with the information needed on the invite.  Then, you get an online preview with your own information put in. You can adjust font, size, anything you want, really.  Your order comes with envelopes, however,  you also have the option to have the envelopes pre-printed with a return address (for a few extra dollars).  After you order (using an online coupon code, no less) they send you a proof via email to ensure everything is accurate before they are printed!

I was extremely impressed with the quality and quick turnaround time of Wedding Paper Divas.  Even though we didn’t work with them for all of our invitations, I still felt like it stayed close to our theme without costing us an arm and a leg.

Yay for checking this off the list!